Painting Can Help Reduce Moisture Problems

During the winter, a family of four adds as much as 6 gallons of water to the air inside their house every day (through hot water for baths, showers, laundry, cooking, etc.). In today’s tightly built homes, this moisture is sealed inside with insulation, weather stripping, closed doors, etc.  Moisture passes through the inner wall and collects in the air space between the inner and outer walls. Eventually, it may collect the inside of the exterior coating . (It also saturates any insulation.  Wet material conducts heat and this destroys insulating ability.)

The sun’s heat draws the interior moisture out through the exterior coating. If the exterior paint film is non-breathing alkyd or oil base, the moisture can cause blisters which eventually pop and peel back, or cause the surface to swell and the brittle paint film to crack. Moisture also contributes to stucco cracking. Once the protective exterior paint film is broken, exterior moisture gets into the house and causes more swelling, cracking, peeling and blistering.

Painting both the exterior and interior of your home or business can help reduce problems associated with moisture, lower overall maintenance costs and increase the value of your property.


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